Academic Orientation & Guidance - AOG

A good healthcare system that response to the needs of the population must have a competent workforce, which in turns depend on the quality of academic training.

Our AOG program is adapted to give orientation to potential students seeking medical and paramedical training, students preparing for their certification examinations, and above all, in-service training to the current workforce.

Our main goal here is to assist the government to appropriately and timely respond to the number and quality of workforce.

Below are the category of activities we carry out in this section.

Areas of AOG

Online Degree Programs

We guide interested potential students towards the following excellent academic degree programs. Our university of choice is TEXILA AMERICAN UNIVERSITY (TAU), which offers the following degrees online.;

  • Bachelor Program

  • Master Program

  • PhD Program

Examination Success

Through our AOG program, we ensure the success of students in the following areas of interest. During our orientation sessions, health experts from various domain drill drill candidates through the advantages, and disadvantages of their areas of interests.

  • Public integration examinations (Written & Oral Sessions)

  • Final examinations in training schools (Written & Oral Sessions)

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