Disease Prevention

For an infection to occur, there must be an interact between several factors, including, the germ (or accumulation of negative health factors), the environment and the susceptible hosts.

We carry out activities which either;

  • limit the existence of one or more of these factors (primary prevention, or

  • promote the detection at an early stage, the germ or risk factor capable of causing a disease or health-related events (secondary prevention). This step of prevention limits the advancement of the disease to a later and more complicated stage.

Our preventive activities are listed below;

Areas of Disease Prevention

Evironment Hygiene Programs

We promote activities which ensures a health environment, and these includes;

  • the cleanliness of our environment (internal and external), Our environment can be an excellent habitat to most agents or risk factors causing diseases and health related events;

  • activities which promotes physical activities (walking), and reduce injury.

Infections Screening Campaigns

Most infections, when detected early enough, may stop the infection from advancing to more complicated or chronic stages where it can become difficult to manage. We promote activities which include, but not limited to;

  • Diabetic screening campaigns;

  • HIV screening campaigns;

  • Pre-marital screening;

  • Hepatitis B and C screening campaigns, etc...

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