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"Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by high blood sugar level. The cause of the disease is either due to lack of enough insulin or insulin resistance at the cellular level"

Most doctors, dietitians and diabetes specialists claim that type 2 diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease. The American Diabetes Association, for example, almost proudly proclaims this on its website. Once you get the diagnosis, it’s a life sentence. But, it’s actually a great big lie. Type 2 diabetes is almost always reversible and this is almost ridiculously easy to prove. This is great news for the more than 50% of American adults who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes. Recognizing this truth is the crucial first step in reversing your diabetes or pre-diabetes. Actually, it something that most people already instinctively recognized to be true.

Suppose your friend is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, then works hard to lose 50 pounds. He takes himself off all his medications and his blood sugars are now normal. What would you say to him? Probably something like “Great job. You’re really taking care of yourself. Keep it up!” What you wouldn’t say is something like “You’re such a dirty, filthy liar. My doctor says this is a chronic and progressive disease so you must be lying ”. It seems perfectly obvious that diabetes reversed because your friend lost all that weight. And that’s the point. The disease is reversible.

This short message makes you feel like you might have been fooled all this while, right? Your greatest worry now is that your illness might have advanced beyond cure, right?

The great news is that, no matter the level of your diabetes, it can be cured.

Are you a diabetic? Do you have someone with diabetes? Will you like to make this man-declared disease incurable history in your life?

Simply join our Challenge Diabetes program. Click on the link, Challenge Diabetes on the right side and fill the form that opens carefully and correctly. Once you submit the form, you will receive and automatic email with further details. A pH Health agent will also contact you  for additional details.


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