Our health center project offers low cost, quality and universally accepted healthcare to the communities


About Us

HELP HealthCare Services is an extension of the services of HELP Foundation, seeking to promote health and well-being to the local populations. This is the only extension of the organization that is responsible for providing direct patient care (management of diseases), health campaigns, and health education to the communities.

By establishing healthcare services in our communities our wish is to create a permanent contact network with such communities, offering good quality and low cost healthcare services on a daily basis to the population, especially the less privileged, children, women and those affected by crisis of both natural and human origin.

By this extension project, we hope to attain the vision of HELP Foundation, which is to make our communities a healthier place as it is being faced with numerous health challenges resulting from globalization and the practice of unhealthy lifestyles.

"Through our health centers project we wish to offer to the communities in which we are part of, the same healthcare services that we and our families will like to receive.".

- Nkengacha M.A., Chairman, HELP HealthCare Services