HELP Foundation is grateful for it experienced team of workers, ranging from voluntary to permanent members, who have been working day and night alongside their jobs and without a salary to ensure that our communities are healthier. I must tell you all, dear volunteers, you are creating the biggest impacts in your communities and in your lives. God bless you all.


The President

Mr. NKENGACHA Marcellous AGENDIA: I am a medical laboratory scientist and public health expert, and I must say where I am today, and particularly what I offer to the communities today is a great passion for me and my lovely family. It s inborn and can be traced back from my parents, my studies and my professional experience with patients. My work today is genuine vision from God, and I am happy He has put a team on my way to work with me.

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Vice President

Mme MBOLE Gwendoline: Madam MBOLE Gwendoline is a colleague medical laboratory scientist who happens to have done so many positive things together with the president before meeting again at HELP Foundation. She wouldn't let go easily any thing good for the community. Within the ranks of the foundation, she is doing a lot.

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Secretary General

Mr Dominic NKENGAFAC AGENDIA.: An Administrative Assistant and a committed christian who by the nature of his job is creating a remarkable impact. At the first presentation of the idea by the president, he said, he was very happy for such and today he is creating an even more impact. He believes in humanity, and prays for all our donors, the communities, and the foundation.

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Financial Officer

Mme AWASUME Yvette ETANE: Did financial accounting and together with her passion for the well being of humanity, has been and continue to be a big blessing that God blessed the foundation with. She works day and night to ensure that all financial figures are always reconciled and at the right place at the right time.


Project Manager

Mr NCHUMBONGA Ivo: Ivo is a principal nurse anesthetist serving lives in different hospitals in Yaounde. Though his professional demand is so high, he is able to give up some time to serve his community, managing projects at the foundation and presenting his reports on time. He did not hesitate to join the president to realize the big vision, and he is always on the ground whenever we are executing projects.

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The Accountant

Miss AYUK Maryline: A devoted student accountant who is already proving her worth by using what she learns at school to create an impact in the society by volunteering at HELP Foundation. She switches between school and organization to ensure that everything is done the right way. The organization is proud to have someone like her.


Communication Officer

Miss MANDA Magieline AKONWAH: Manda is an old friend of the president who wouldn't compromise the well-being of the society even for the friendship. She is a medical laboratory scientist and a public health expert, and apart from volunteering as communication officer, she uses her professionalism to ensure that the community and the foundation are in good form.

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Ass. Project Coordinator

Mr. CHAPAJONG Carinton NGULEFACK: Carinton is a devoted Medical Diagnostic Imaging Technologist, who is so passionate in building the society by offering his time, resources and services at HELP Foundation. He will stop at nothing in accompanying us in our community projects, working in close collaboration with the project coordinator.


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