Congratulations!! Excellent Academic Performance At Texila American University

  1. Join us in congratulating the brilliant performance of the following three (3) students from various fields at TEXILA AMERICAN UNIVERSITY;

  2. Saadiya Ibrahim Aminu - MBA Financial Management

  3. Francis Kwesi Aidoo - Master in Information Technology

  4. Peter Atakorah ofori - Doctorate in Education

We are proud of you because your academic achievements are a great booster and open the way for those behind you.

As you face the world, we can only wish you the best in all your efforts.

TEXILA AMERICAN UNIVERSITY is truly a center of academic excellence. The University offers both Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programs online for all.

You can really study without stress, without leaving your job and your family, and most importantly, with the opportunity to earn money at the same time. ------------ If you would like to know more or apply to the university for a bachelor, master or doctorate program, use the link below to submit your details ... ____________ Nkengacha Marcellous Agendia Student Ambassador, Texila American University Tel: (+237) 670-370-092 | (+237) 661-992-259 E-mail: Tau.Ambassadornkeng@Gmail.Com


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