FOOD & NON-FOOD ITEMS: HELP Foundation Reached Out to the IDPs in Dschang, Menoua Division

On Saturday December 21, 2019, HELP Foundation reached out to the Internally Displaced Persons in Dschang, Menoua Division, and shared Food and Non-food items with them. The event was attended by over a hundred IDPs, got a lot of positive reactions from the beneficiaries, donors, the public, and members of HELP Foundation.

HELP Foundation shares food and non-food items to internally displaced persons in Dschang, Menoua Division - December 21, 2019.

The event started with the reading of the event's agenda by the project coordinator, Mr. NCHUBONGA Ivo, which was presented in the following order;

  1. Opening Prayer

  2. Welcome message from the President

  3. A Statement from 3CCY representative

  4. A message from God to the people

  5. Open reactions from the beneficiaries

  6. Sharing of packaged food and non-food items

  7. Closing remarks

In the opening prayer, one of the beneficiaries gave gratitude to God almighty for making the gathering possible, and called on Him to continue chairing the event.

The president of the host organization, HELP Foundation, Mr. NKENGACHA Marcellous AGENDIA, in his opening statement, before anything, called on everybody in the hall to kindly stand up and maintain a minute of silence for those Cameroonians who have lost their lives in the course of the war. express a lot of joy meeting a big family on the ground.

He expressed great joy for being granted the opportunity by God to meet the suffering people on the ground, one-on-one.

I am particularly happy for meeting you all, a large family, here today. It is a great opportunity that God has given us all here present, to share the little we have brought,.." - Nkengacha Marcellous Agendia, President, HELP Foundation.

In the later part of his statement, the president thank a group of youths, from three Corners Nveh, Fontem for ever thinking to raise funds, for this purpose, and choosing to donate to HELP Foundation to go on the ground and organize the event.

I will remain forever grateful, and you should be as well, for a group of youths from 3-Corners Nveh, Fontem, to have come up with this idea - raising funds and donating to our organization to buy and share food to the IDPs. I personally encourage other communities to do same. - He added.

In rapping of his statement the president thanked all other people who donated a dime in support of this project, which was not only a great success, but which brought a lot of smiles on the faces of the IDPs.

I want to use this opportunity to convey back the words of thanks and blessings from these people to the donors. I will like to let our donors know that HELP Foundation and the IDPs won't be anything without them. It has been one of the greatest impacts created by you all who donated. - The President added.

The later part of the agenda had the representative 3-CCY thanked the IDPs for coming around to receive the items. He further outlined the items that have been packaged for each beneficiary as follows (image below);

  • 9.5kg of rice

  • A log Soap (Azur)

  • A liter of groundnut oil

  • 1 full cup of salt

Maggi, Salt, oil, rice shared to the IDPs in Dschang, Menoua Division

The event was not only about food sharing, but it also featured a strong message from Mr. NKENGACHA Marcellous AGENDIA, who told the beneficiaries that, neither the food items they have brought nor human actions safe them, but that God has sent him with a message that saves, and that will take them out of their sufferings, war, hunger, etc... into eternal enjoyment.

Drawing inspiration from two books of the bible, he made the suffering community to understand that as God promised, everything is over, including the war.

Book 1 Teaching - Time for Everything

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. - Ecclesiastes 3:8

Mr. Nkengacha taught that the above book and verse promised that we shall always have a change of circumstances, a win of change will always come, and that no situation is permanent. By this teaching he made the IDP beneficiaries to understand that their condition, including the war has an end.

Book 2 Teaching - The Win of Change

When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. - John 19:30

Using the above verse, the teacher of the word told the IDPs that, the change of condition as outlined in the first verse above has just happened and God is saying that the war and suffering has ended. This happened when Jesus use the last words, It is finished, meaning all the suffering is gone. For all those who believe in Christ Jesus, they will live a normal enjoyable life full of satisfaction.

God sent me as a messenger to inform the IDPs that, when he said on the cross that It is Finished, He was referring to the war, suffering, lack, etc.. By believing in His birth, baptism and dead, we all recognize that Jesus took away these sufferings. - Mr. Nkengacha Marcellous A.

The event ended with the handing over of the food and non-food items to everyone present. In conclusion, we will say that, it was a big success testified by the beneficiaries and all other members present.


We thank God that this first phase of Food and Non-food items distribution ended the way it did, but we must make the public to understand that there is still much to be done on the ground to HELP the IDPs. There are still many of them without food, shelter, water and basic needs. Women and children are suffering, and our assistance will always HELP.

On this note, I am calling on well-wishers and donors to continue to support such ground actions either by making a one time donation or making a small charity donation every month from your earnings. Until the need ends, I will not stop donating!

As we plan our next phase of food and non-food distribution, kindly use the following link to make your donation;


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