FREE HealthCare (Bonendale, Douala): A Community Health Project of HELP Foundation in Action

Bonendale, Douala (June 20, 2020): In the efforts to empower the communities to have full control over their health and disease-related determinants, HELP Foundation has set up a health project that offers high quality, universally accepted, evidence-based and FREE to low cost healthcare to our communities.

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

With injustice in healthcare, people are not being able to receive high quality healthcare services, and this can be due to a number of reasons, including absence of health infrastructure, high cost health services and lack of financial power. In Cameroon for example, there are approximately 1.1 physicians and 7.8 nurses and midwives per 10,000 population (WHO AHWO Cameroon Fact Sheet, 2010), and this is no good news for HELP Foundation and the public.

This, and other factors, has been the motivating factor to the humanitarian organization that seeks the well being of the populations, leading to the development of it community health center project, HELP HealthCare Services.

HELP HealthCare Services, Bonendale - Douala. Four members of the nursing team beside the center's signpost.

With the start of this first project in Bonendale - Douala, healthcare services offered the public have been coined with great focus on the different challenges making healthcare access difficult or impossible. Talking to the president of the organization he had this to say...

Collection room from HELP HealthCare Services' sister laboratory - NTECKA Quick Diagnostic Laboratory
By our approach, expertise and machinery, both the less privileged and the high social class have access to the same kind of care. Everyone should be able to consult a health professional and be able to ".

In addition to the services offered, the humanitarian organization has special packages for the vulnerable populations - internally displaced families, pregnant women and children, to whom we offer FREE services that range from health consultations to laboratory services.

Services offered range from FREE patient consultation to a battery of advanced diagnostic tests, which are FREE to low cost, but also of high quality and short turnaround time.

"We offer just the same healthcare services that we and our families would like to receive anytime and any where, without distinction of social status, and it is our profound duty to ensure that this happens to all." - Nkengacha M.A., President HELP Foundation.

To achieve this, the organization needs not only the expertise and knowledge that their team of experts already has, but they need an organized and a focused approach to make this happen. The approach and expertise is not all that matters. HELP Foundation understands that a strong healthcare system is founded on a strong and effective diagnostic system that produces quality results in the shortest possible time.

One of the Senior Laboratory Professionals at HELP HealthCare Services carrying out analysis on a microscope (Pa ASONGWE Mathias FON, former Head of Service at Mary of Africa Hospital Laboratory)

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HELP HealthCare Services is located at the following address;

Opposit Entrance to College Horizon,

Bonendale, Douala

Tel.: +237 650 068 400

+237 670 370 092

+237 676 666 042



FREE healthcare services at the organization's project will only run until further notice, after which some services would be delivered at a highly reduced cost, compared to the same services offered elsewhere.

Therefore, take advantage today and rush to the above address and benefit from the batch of services.

If you will like to know more about the services offered, click on the link to find out;

HELP HEALTHCARE SERVICES; A New approach to Healthcare. Until the community is healthy!

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