GA2: Complete Report of the Annual General Meeting Held On July 27, 2019 At Etoug-Ebe Yaoude

In accordance with the constitution of the organization, and in response to the Press Release with reference No: 003/07/19/HF/SG/PR, the Second General Assembly Meeting was held on July 27, 2019 at 2pm at Etoug-Ebe, Yaounde.

About an hour late, members and participants started arriving the meeting's venue at about 2pm.

At about 2:20pm, the meeting started with a word of prayers from Madam Lum Christabel Ambe, and this was immediately followed by the reading of the day’s Agenda by the Secretary General of the Foundation (Appendix 1).


The floor was later opened for self-introduction, during which all participants made known their full names, profession and residence (Appendix 2). Some participants seized the opportunity to go further in welcoming the idea, though they had just been briefed through the agenda just presented.

Rounding up with part one of the event, the President was given the floor during which he happily welcome all members present in good faith, thanking them for making the first efforts coming together for the well being of our communities. He called on all participants to be active at the meeting, contributing constructive ideas and asking questions where they had doubts. He further stressed out to participants that all national and transnational associations started small before becoming what they are today, and that HELP Foundation is would not be different.


The President used the opportunity to also present the permissions of other interested participants who could not make it at the meeting.

Coming to part two of the meeting the president did a presentation about the community, bringing out the inevitable and supportive link that exist between the community and humans. Bringing to light the obligation of everyone to, in exchange of the support gained from the communities, give back to the communities, he elaborated on the following key areas;

  • The contributions of the community to our lives

  • Great values in community service

  • Waking up for your community

  • Breaking the devil’s chain in our community.

In continuation, he "painted" a picture which showed the gap between what we were in the elementary days and what we are today, stressing that our different successes today inevitably is not credited to just one person, but rather the collective contribution of the community.

...the credit for what we are today does not belong to a single person or family, but rather is the collective work and effort of the community within which we grew up... - The President!
...even our enemies, by their cruelty, helped us in one way or the other. By their "negative" thoughts and acts against us we were strengthened and became better equipped to face life. - He added!

To this effect, and drawing inspiration from the story of the Lion and the Cat, the president called on the attention of participants that it was time we start giving back the good turn to our communities in appreciation of all the support and success.

He further pointed out some factors that hinder people from giving back to their communities, and these included things like pride, or wanting to be the lone king in the community, family hindrances, spiritual reasons, etc.

While he further explained that that we all have the inborn potentials to offer something, no matter how small to our communities, he presented ways to achieve this by taking away the obstacles.

No matter how small our offer is, someone in the community needs even far less than that to live. - The President!

Under this discussion he brought out points that did explain what we are out for and made the participants to understand that we are not out for profit making or for self and asked us to teach our communities how to fish and not giving them fish to eat, and that all the above mentioned cannot be achieved without peace.

If you are here, and think that you are out to make money, or have some kind of direct reward for your work, then I am sorry to say, you are in the wrong place... - The President! is all about committing self and sacrificing some little time and resources to develop the communities we are a part of. It is all about giving back in return, and so, we cannot be paid for this because no one paid our community when they did same to us - The President added!

The president went further to applaud the commitment of members, and pointed out that such commitment was the foundation of success. He further stressed out that trust is another key aspect that is built on transparency, and while reassuring about these key success tools, called on members to always be active in all meetings, holding the executive accountable.

"Trust is built on transparency, which is ensured by accountability, and which ensures more commitment of members and even donors. - The President said!

Highlighting that as a humanitarian organization with basically no funds on our own, we must all show a sense of responsibility and transparency if we expect our donors and volunteers to trust us and remain faithful.


At this point the secretary general pointed out that we should always ask ourselves what we have done before living the world, what did we do to be remembered for? Since it’s not the numbers of years live but how useful and productive those years were.

Just before getting to part three of the event, participants took the floor, applauded for the wonderful message from the president, and gave their own contributions.

In part three, the meeting was at its climax and the founder moved to the presentation of the organization in detail. Here he postulated the reasons that brought forth the creation of the organization, which were as follows;

He credited his parents, who implanted the gene of humanitarian and community service in him, but most importantly stated clearly that his profession and experience has played a greater role in exposing the ignorance of the people in taking informed healthy decisions, which has undoubtedly led to their sufferings. He said it was time, after several years, he gets out of the medical laboratory room to serve the people in the communities, in a bit to contribute to closing this gap.

In the later section, introducing the organization as Health Empowerment by a Loving People (HELP) Foundation, he then presented the vision he had, which was to work closely with interested persons to guide people into taking informed healthy decisions like stopping cigarette smoking, putting on seat belts, using health facilities, adhering to healthy policies, etc.. This, he said could only happen through the mission of the organization, which is to empower communities to have full control over their health through the following activities;

  • Health campaigns

  • Health screening

  • Health promotion activities

  • Health education

  • Healthy policy advocacy

  • Humanitarian assistance, etc..

This took us to the area of membership, where the president proposed the following three kinds of membership that was approved by the members;

  • Direct members: who pay a one-time registration and annual fees;

  • Volunteer members: people who opt to help the organization carry out it activities, without necessarily being registered members;

  • Partnership: Families, associations, institutions, and other groupings, who apply for us to, on a regular basis, carry out our activities within the context of their groupings.

In a bit to facilitate membership registration get members more committed, he presented the organization websites and other social media platform, which serve as tools to deliver some of our services to the social media community.

At this juncture, the floor was opened for questions and answers related to the organization, and participants once more, used the opportunity to present their engagements and full support.

This is exactly what suites my desires. I have always been looking for an opportunity that can permit me give to my community, and I am happy to have one now... - A Participant said!
...the president talked of one thing and I was very happy. He talked of trust. I think it is one key that can unlock a window of opportunities. We must adhere to it. - The Participant added!

The part four of the meeting was introduced with what the president called a great achievement. He briefed the meeting about his contact with a Catholic Missionary, who happened to be a Project Manager, and who had given his full support to contribute to the development of the organization in the area of project proposals. The president used the opportunity to read out a message of greetings from the Missionary to the participants, promising his engagement and presenting his excuse for not being able to meet up with the meeting due to work schedule. This was followed by a series of hand-clapping from the floor.

Registration procedure and modalities were well explained, and the amounts that were subsequent to change, was fixed as follows;

  • One-Time Registration Fee: 15,000F, and

  • Annual Fee: 10,000F

It was agreed that, upon completing the on-time registration, the organization will make available, the following documents and material to every member;

  • Membership Confirmation letter (1);

  • Membership Certificate (1)

  • Membership Identification card (1);

  • T-Shirt tagged with organization logo and name (1);

In the same line, it was agreed that the Annual fee of the Ten Thousand Francs (10.000F) would be for the running of the Foundation's office.


To facilitate and better organize payments, all were informed that the Treasury Officer would generate invoices and email to members' email accounts.

The aspects of some positions to be filled up was mentioned and it was concluded that it would be done through appointment by the President.

The president, to this effect, reminded members that in every society, there are leaders and there are followers, and urged all members to understand that leaders are never leaders forever, and follower may not be followers forever.

While calling on all leaders within the organization to be true and humble servants of the members, he urged the members to always be active, holding the executive accountable.

The meeting ended at about 7pm with individuals’ appreciation and refreshment and family photos shooting (Appendix 3).

Done and signed this 27th day of July 2019, in Yaounde - Cameroon



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HELP Foundation: Participants of the Second General Assembly Meeting - Etoug-Ebe, Yaounde - Cameroon


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