HELP FOUNDATION: The July 2019 Event Welcomes All New and Potential Members of the Organization

The July 27, 2019 Meeting will be the Second General Assembly that will Open Doors for new Members and Outline a way Forward for the Organization.

[Yaoundé, Thursday, July 25, 2019] – HELP Foundation, a Community Health Empowerment Humanitarian Organization in Cameroon, announced today the hosting of the organization’s second general assembly meeting on Saturday July 27, 2019, behind “Lycée de Etoug-Ebe”, Yaounde. The meeting, which starts at 1 pm prompt seeks to enlighten new and potential members about the organization’s vision and the need to work together to empower the health and well-being of our communities.


Health Empowerment by a Loving People (HELP) Foundation is a health humanitarian organization that was founded to empower our communities to have full control over their health. The upcoming event is a means to get more people involved in community-based actions through the organizations objectives, which include but not limited to;

  • Health campaigns;

  • Screening campaigns;

  • Humanitarian assistance;

HELP Foundation has been hosting community health education for over two years, with the memorable and exciting events featuring guests like Mr. NKENGACHA Marcellous AGENDIA and others, who will be presiding over the upcoming event as the president/CEO of the organization. He is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, and a final year Master of Public Health Student with long standing experience in community health education.

HELP Foundation: Community Health Education in the community of Efoulan, Dja and Lobo Division of the South Region. Presenter: KOTCHEDEM Francois


At the event, the president will be sharing his experience as a community health educator while presenting the importance for more people not only to come together, but to come together with a deep interest in community-based work and humanitarian activities, which in every sense, only turn around to benefit us.

"… matter how well my colleagues, hierarchy and patients always appreciate me, I had always felt something was lacking until I started giving back to my community" - Nkengacha M.A., President/CEO, HELP Foundation


“As part of the communities, anything we do to our communities, good or bad, only turns around to benefit or harm us. Nothing given to the communities is a lost – We must work together for the good of our communities - for our own good”. – He added

ABOUT HELP Foundation

HELP (Health Empowerment by a Loving People) Foundation is a health and humanitarian organization founded in 2016. The organization started with an idea from the founding president/CEO whose professional and academic experience made him see the need of health promotion and education in ensuring holistic health and wellbeing to our communities.

The foundation draws knowledge from the iceberg concept of diseases, and primary prevention as the only cost effective strategy to prevent and manage diseases and control disease-related determinants.

We believe that working together with others in bringing this knowledge to the populations is the only effective way to economically empower every society, considering that people are able to have full control over their health by successfully controlling those factors (at the primary level) that produce favorable grounds for diseases to establish.

You can contact HELP Foundation for more information about the July event through the following addresses and phone numbers;

Done and Signed this 25th day of July 2019



Secretary General, HELP Foundation



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