Why Do We Fall Sick?

Sickness and diseases are man's greatest challenges that we try to deal with on a daily basis. The human body was carefully built to face these challenges on its own, but unfortunately, because of our ways of life, the structures put in place fail in one way or the other and we find ourselves sick. Below is a careful but brief reason why this often happens and why we find ourselves invaded by external agents.

The human body is formed in the following manner;

Cells >> Tissues >> Organs >> Systems >> The Body

From the above outline, cells are the basic units (foundation stone) of humans. Their condition determine the the general state of health of the entire body. Illnesses are only a symptom and a signal that the condition of these cells is not the best.

Health Condition of Cells:

It was an interesting finding to understand that, like the earth, the human body is made up of 70% water. Of this percentage, up to 2/3 is found within cells, 1/3 inside cells and the rest of it is found in blood.

This information tells us that man is a moving ocean, and that if this ocean is well kept, the health of our cells will be excellent and if this is so, the body will stay healthy.

God naturally made this ocean to have an alkaline pH, which is the level at which our cells are well oxygenated, function well carrying out their duty, and above all, keeps the natural immune system very responsive. In fact, at this pH level, no organism or disease is known to invade or attack the body.

From birth through out life, we carry out activities which abuse (throwing of dirt into) this ocean, though the body continuously fight day-in, day-out to counter the abuse and keeps the ocean pH at alkaline level, so that our cells (and body) are (is) kept at the healthiest state possible. Activities or conditions which lead to this abuse include;

  • Stressful moment

  • Consumption of more of acid diet and drinks

  • Consumption of certain drugs

  • Aging

Unfortunately, at a certain point in life, the body becomes tired in regulating this abuse (which simply means throwing of dirt into the ocean). Once this happens, we lost the alkaline nature of the ocean, and the ocean becomes more acidic. In other words, the condition of our body cells becomes very poor that, while most of them die, the rest no longer carry out their functions, including that of self defense well. In a crude language, "Acidity is an open invitation to bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and chronic diseases.

Researchers and specialist doctors, in both conventional and naturopathic medicine are well aware of the link that exists between disease, from common cold to cancers, and body (water) acidity. They as well know the importance of alkaline medium in achieving health breakthrough. However, until recently, they lacked the necessary tools to transform the body's acidic condition to alkaline, so that optimal health could be achieved. Once this tool is achieved, the body naturally and successfully fights off the diseases and excellent health is attained.

Our all-natural, non-chemical supplement, with a pH level of 11.2 (highly alkaline), which was invented a few years back is the only health product that has broken this challenge and is so far the only tool being used around the world to cure even those diseases that conventional medicine has declared uncurable. From cold through diabetes to cancers, Cleanshield is giving smiles back on patients' faces.

The product, which is without side effects, cleanses the abused (dirty) ocean, creates a clean, oxygenated and favourable environment for our cells to flourish and once more carry out their functions in full capacity and effectiveness. One of the cellular functions is the natural defense mechanism.

Cleanshield is a product with broad spectrum of activity, giving the immune system the ability to launch an indiscriminate attack against all forms of diseases.

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