HELP (Health Empowerment by a Loving People) Foundation is a health and well being humanitarian organization founded in 2016. The organization started with an idea from the founding president/CEO whose professional and academic experience made him see the need of health promotion/education in ensuring holistic health and well being.

The foundation draws knowledge from the iceberg concept of diseases and primary prevention as the only cost effective strategy to prevent and manage diseases and control disease-related determinants.


We believe that working together with others in bringing this knowledge to the populations is the only effective way to economically empower every society, considering that people are able to have full control over their health by successfully controlling those factors (at the primary level) that produce favorable grounds for diseases to establish.

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HELP Foundation was founded with the vision of making our communities a healthier place as it is being faced with numerous health challenges resulting from globalization and the practice of unhealthy lifestyles. We believe that through the following program objectives we can be able to get people prevent or reverse most diseases and render tour communities healthier.



We have set out the following health empowerment programs as key objectives to attain the above vision;

  • Health education and health screening campaigns

  • Health sensitization (road safety, vaccination, early screening, antenatal care, etc)

  • Free and voluntary blood donation campaigns

  • Humanitarian relief programs

  • Capacity building programs


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P.O. Box 31383, Yaounde-13

Centre Region, Cameroon

Central Africa Region

TELEPHONE: (+237) 670 370 092 / 676 666 042


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(+237) 670 370 092 / 676 666 042


P.O. Box 31383, Yaounde-13

Centre Region - Cameroo

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